Sustainable fuel for buses from wastewater treatment sludge

On november 16th 2022, LIFE Nimbus was presented as a success case study in the session “Green Transition Challenges”, in Smart City Expo (Barcelona). This session, organized by ACCIÓ, discussed main challenges of cities in the transition to circular economy and showcasted innovative circular solutions.

Mario Ruiz, project manager of Climate Action in Aigües de Barcelona, presented the project and the potential of biomethane as sustainable fuel for the fleet of urban buses in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. 

Smart City Expo World Congress is an international leading event for cities that promotes urban innovation across the globe, giving the opportunity to share innovation and identify new collaboration opportunities. The Congress, took place in Barcelona from the 1tth until the 17th of november 2022, and gathered more than 20.000 attendees. 

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Mario Ruiz, from Aigües de Barcelona, presenting LIFE Nimbus in Smart City Expo