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Knowledge, expertise and teamwork

Nimbus, a shared challenge among:

Cetaqua is a model of public-private collaboration that was created to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the water cycle while taking regional needs into account.

Role in the Nimbus project: Cetaqua will provide the technical expertise to validate the biological methanation solution, interpret the data, and perform the technical, environmental and economic assessment and replication studies.

Aigües de Barcelona is the operator of Baix Llobregat WWTP.

Role in the Nimbus project: AB will participate in the construction and operation of the demo plant and in the elaboration of the business model for biomethane production.

Genocov is a research group with experience in engineering urban/industrial wastewater treatment systems and leading a successful research line from lab- to demo-scale in bioelectrochemical systems (BES). 

Role in the Nimbus project: GENOCOV will be in charge of the BES design, construction and give technical support for its operation.

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) is the municipal company in charge of the management of the public transports in Barcelona.

Role in the Nimbus project: TMB will collaborate in the project testing one bus fuelled by biomethane, assessing the impact of replacing natural gas by biomethane on the bus motor and in the elaboration of the business model for biomethane trading. TMB will also have an important participation in the dissemination action.

Project Stakeholders