Tangible and measurable social, economic and environmental benefits

From the idea to the final product

During the lifetime of the Nimbus project, a broad range of significant outputs and quantified achievements will be delivered in search of the most effective and efficient way to reach the main goal: to design, build, and operate an ecofactory, working with power-to-gas technology and producing biomethane for public transport.

Main outputs and achievements

Reduction of one public bus carbon footprint

by over 85% by using biomethane as fuel

Increase of almost 70%

of the energy obtained from biogas due to the storage of renewables through biological methanation

Secondary outputs

Production of 4 Nm3/h

of biomethane through biological biogas methanation that will be used to fuel one public bus, which will run 48,000 km on renewable biofuel

Reduction of 9%

of CO2 emissions on the bus line where the biomethane fuelled bus will be tested (total fleet: 10 buses)

Business model

of the biomethane in the site of Baix Llobregat WWTP

Replication plan of the proposed solution and feasibility assessment

of the potential sites identified in other municipalities at European level, which imply technical and commercial actions to adapt the proposed solution

Development of a business plan

to commercialise the biological methanation technology in biogas plants