Oriol Casal presents LIFE Nimbus in the XV Bio-energy International Congress

The Bio-energy International Congress is a global conference that gathers professionals from all over the world to share new scientific and technical contributions, discuss about new technologies available in the marketplace of biogas and biomethane.

The 15th edition of the congress, marked by the European will to reduce dependence on imported fossil gas, carried a total of 2 round tables, 2 theme tables, 30 presentations and 32 posters. Oriol Casal, researcher form Cetaqua Water Technology Centre and Project Manager of LIFE Nimbus, participated with a poster explaining “Biological methanation of WWTP biogas with bioH2 for sustainable mobility”.

As Oriol explained in his interview for the organization: “LIFE Nimbus has different levels of innovation: on the one hand, it is the first time that biological methanation is used in transport and, on the other hand, it is the first time that is used in this kind of reactor”.

The Congress, organized by AEBIOM (Asociación Española de la Biomasa) and AEBIG (Asociación Española del Biogás), took place in Valladolid last October 5th and 6th.

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Oriol Casal presenting a poster about LIFE NIMBUS in the XV Bio-engineering International Congress 2022