LIFE NIMBUS, presented in the 15th Barcelona Science Party

On May 28th 2022, Oriol Casal Valls, project manager at Cetaqua Barcelona, presented the European project LIFE NIMBUS in the 15th Barcelona Science Party, aimed to bring research and innovation to society by the hand of professionals in several formats: experiments, venues, games, debates, pitches or guided tours.

In his presentation “From wastewater treatment plants to eco-factories: biofuels from wastewater” Oriol explained how LIFE NIMBUS aims to promote circular economy by generating biomethane from sewage sludge and power-to-gas technologies, using it as a sustainable fuel for public transport in the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

The event was hosted and organized by Ajuntament de Barcelona to engage all parts of society with science, research, and innovation.

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